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CMajor.Net - Promotional Experts for the Performing Arts
CMajor.Net was founded in 2000 when a local dance instructor needed some music "sanitized" for one of her recitals. This involved removing some questionable language from the music while slowing it down and making it a few minutes shorter.

Since then, CMajor.Net has grown into a one-stop shop for the performing arts, with help for dance instructors, music teachers, theater coaches, schools, churches, and many other non-profit and/or artistic groups.

Starting in 2006, CMajor.Net began returning a portion of its profits to the community with the Performing Arts Scholarship Fund, a program whose applicants are funded for one school year in whatever artistic focus they wish to pursue. In 2008-2009, CMajor.Net sponsored a high-school clarinetist (reeds, private lessons), and a second grade tap dancer (lessons, shoes), and used the remaining funds to assist the Oak Ridge Civic Ballet Association's Summer Dance Camp which boasted 104 campers ages 3 to 14 in its one-week program.

CMajor.Net is now moving into full-time operations, with new equipment and items for both non-profit and professional groups. We also have started selling our products to non-perfomance groups, such as lawyers, doctors, and other for-profit companies; these new clients use our services with the understanding that they are paying a higher premium so that more of the profit from their orders can go toward assisting the performance groups.

We have way too many options to put everything on the web site; please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have, and let us help you find that odd prop, instrument, or libretto for your next performance. We're here to make your life easier... so let us help you!