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Ticket Sales • Credit Card Billing • Web Carts
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CMajor.Net provides many services for little or no cost to qualifying performing arts groups, including:
  • Online Ticket Sales -- Sell tickets to recitals, performances, raffles, or any event. Credit card transaction fees can either be added to the ticket price or deducted from the amount collected. E-Mails can be sent after each purchase, or we can print and distribute the tickets for you!

  • Credit Card Billing/Tuition Collection -- Send your students to our web site to pay for tuition with a credit card; fees for the transaction are added to the collection amount (or can be deducted from the amount paid).

  • Web Hosting -- We will set up a free one-page web site for you to use to advertise your performing arts group.

  • Web Site Design -- We can design a complete web portal for you, including a web cart for selling merchandise.

  • "TLC" Music Editing -- We can adjust your competition music for Tempo, Length, and Content, including the removal of offensive language.