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Music Editing
CMajor.Net can edit your music for tempo, length, and content (TLC). The cost is minimal, starting at $12 for a simple edit. (Recital packages are available for as low as $5.00 per song.)

To use TLC, do the following:
  1. Listen to your CD and write down the counter numbers where you want a change, or where you want it to end.
  2. If you want the music slowed down or sped up, give us some indication (either by using pitch bend on your CD player, or using a metronome to give us a beat count).
  3. Download and fill out the Authorization To Reproduce; this form states that you own the music you are sending us, or have permission from the owner to adapt the music. It also states that any copy we produce for you is still covered by all existing royalty laws, and that the copy should be considered identical to the original track as far as royalty and copyright, regardless of the alterations made to the copy.
  4. Send your original CD to the address above with your notes. You must send an original CD, and not a burned CD, mp3, iTunes download, etc.; in order to stay within copyright law, we cannot duplicate anything other than a store-bought CD.
  5. We will create your copy with the requested edits and return it along with the original CD.