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Online Ticket Sales
  1. Where is my event? -- We do not have maps to the events, nor do we require entries to contain complete addresses. If you do not recognize the location of the event, please use the contact information on the event listing and call the event planner for more information.

  2. When should I get my tickets? -- If you ordered tickets more than one week before the event, your tickets will be mailed to the address listed on the PayPal transaction; if your sale is within a week of the event, you should pick the tickets up at the "WILL CALL" table at the event.

  3. I didn't get the tickets I thought I ordered... what should I do? -- Call or e-mail us and we'll work something out; if there is a difference in ticket price you may owe more money. You can also call the event planner; in many cases (like tickets for the wrong day) they may honor the tickets anyway.

  4. We changed our plans; can I get a refund? -- No.

  5. I ordered tickets and I still haven't received them; what should I do? -- If you did not click on "Buy Now" on our site, and/or you did not see a PayPal page, and/or did not click on the submit button on the PayPal page, and/or did not receive a transaction e-mail from PayPal, then you did not place a ticket order. If you have a PayPal transaction number, please e-mail us or contact us and we'll make sure your tickets get to you.

  6. I want to order tickets for my entire group; is there a discount? -- We are just a clearing house for tickets for events all over the country; many of these events are for non-profit groups and struggling artists. We encourage you to pay full price for your tickets. If you have a special arrangement with the event planner for ticket prices, you will need to contact them directly to purchase tickets.

Adding/Editing Events and Printing Tickets
  1. How do I delete an event? -- You don't; when the event's dates are done, the event will stop showing on the list. If you have cancelled a show, contact us and we'll remove the event manually.

  2. I cancelled my event; what happens now? -- If we have already begun collecting online ticket sales for the cancelled event, we will close out your account, less any expenses, and send you the payment along with a list of people who have ordered tickets. It is your responsibility to reimburse the people who have already ordered. If you ordered printed tickets from us, you will still owe for the tickets even though the event was cancelled.

  3. Why do I need a password? -- This keeps other people from changing information about your event; an event can only be edited if the correct password is entered for that event. If you have lost your password, call or e-mail us and we'll fix things for you.

  4. Why do events that have different ticket prices on different days have to be entered separately? -- Our ticket engine uses the same list for building the sale pages; each event has its own number that links it to the dates for that show, and the ticket prices for those dates. It gets really confusing if one show on Saturday morning has different ticket prices than the same show that evening, so we separate them.

  5. I just clicked on "Order Tickets", but realized I need to change something with my print order... how do I do it? -- You'd better call us quick! Everything is automated, so your tickets will be printed and ready for delivery within 48 hours.

  6. I need to print a lot of tickets; can you cut me a deal? -- Actually, any time we get your ticket order and realize we have a cheaper way to print it (like adding it to someone else's order), we will re-price the tickets so they don't cost you as much. The price shown when you click on "Order Tickets" is the most you will be charged.